Block train – why is it worth it?

Block train is consists of 41 containers. Such shipment are goods sent for transport in a compact composition by one sender, at one sending station, to one recipient, to one destination station, on the basis of one consignment note.

Advantages of block train:

  • – Comprehensive logistics solutions for groups of wagons and block trains.
  • – Lowering the cost of the entire transport when booking the entire train formation.
  • – Transport from the same sender to the same recipient.
  • – Additional services such as route tracking, customs and insurance.

Goods that we transport using containers in block trains:

  • – electric cars and car parts;
  • – wood and wooden floors;
  • – products of plant origin and animal products;
  • – textiles, clothing and accessories;
  • – and other.

An important aspect when ordering transport is to provide the exact shipping and delivery address. The dimensions and weight of loads, HS / HTS codes necessary for determining the classification of imported goods and checking customs rates are also important.

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