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The Euro China Train (ECT) provides regular intermodal rail transportation between the company’s dry port in Małaszewicze and main Chinese ports.

Regular intermodal rail connection

The average transit time between Małaszewicze and main Chinese inland cities is 8-12 days. We can organize transportation of LCL and FCL. We accept Carrier and Shipper Owned Containers (COC/SOC).

Truck fleet and depo services

The company’s truck fleet guarantees high efficiency in just-in-time deliveries. Additionally, we offer empty container depo services such long-term storage, cleaning, repairs and maintenance.

Distribution and consolidation centre

Besides the core business of the Małaszewicze terminal – automotive logistics – the terminal can be used as a distribution and consolidation centre for containers and general cargo transport.


We Build Lasting Relationships

Having our own rail terminal in Małaszewicze allows us to consolidate and secure loads in such a way that parts arrive perfectly intact in China. In terms of loads imported from China, we give our clients the possibility to deconsolidate the load, through which they can plan the quickest and cheapest delivery to their chosen locations. Our own train solution in connection with the biggest container and automotive – only the Adampol terminal has possibility to storage new vehicles – terminal at European east border helps us to provide the highest service level to each kind of our customers. There is no place in China to which we cannot deliver to or pick up our clients’ goods.


Baltic Train service

The Baltic Train service offers a railway connection for the transport of containers between Małaszewicze
and the ports of Gdańsk and Gdynia.

The service is available in both directions for shipper owned containers and carrier owned containers. Adampol is the only operator and administrator for the route.

The capacity of a single train is 82 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) and the transit time for a one-way journey is only one day.

We have dedicated wagons making regular roundtrips from the Małaszewicze terminal to the Port of Gdańsk. We are able to reach important sea ports in Northern Europe in just two to five days with direct sailings. The train serves customers in the Baltic States, Scandinavia and the UK, offering not only to reach container yards, but also a full door-to-door service for one fixed price – if needed.

Małaszewicze terminal

The Adampol terminal in Małaszewicze is a gateway between Europe and Asia. It is a unique hub thanks to its automotive connection, container terminals and spacious warehousing area. Besides the core business of the terminal – automotive logistics – the terminal can be used as a distribution and consolidation centre for containers and general cargo transport.

Square meters FBU Compound

Square meters of railways, siding, container yard

Square meters of Duty Free Zone

TEU capacity

Square meters total open storage space


What are the Benefits

Shanghai – Małaszewicze
transit time just 12-14 days

Cargo distribution to Northern and Central Europe from China

Dedicated wagons making regular roundtrips Małaszewicze – Gdańsk/Gdynia Baltic Train

 Baltic Train freight rates approx. 40% cheaper than trucking

Quick, one-day shuttle from Adampol Małaszewicze Terminal to Gdańsk
and Gdynia ports
Short sea connections from Gdańsk
and Gdynia ports

First arrival Xi’an – Gdańsk:
21 Nov 2019

Cargo availability up to 48 hours
after departure

Dedicated wagons with
82 TEU (41×40’) capacity

Years of experience

Divisions in Europe

Own Trucks

Subcontracted trucks

Experienced employees

ha of storage area


Best logistic service for you

Euro China train

Adampol does not stop at time of pandemic and rapidly continues development of Euro China Train and Baltic Train services. Intermodal terminal in Malaszewicze is a crucial point at the European map of goods distribution. The New Silk Road is operated by people who constantly look for unconventional solutions. We always go beyond market’s needs, and it is proved by continuous rise of clients’ number.

Many people doubt that it could be possible to import containers from China to Gdańsk. At the moment, we have Baltic Train service which connects China with Port Gdansk. We operate with every terminal on the New Silk Road, starting with the biggest terminals like Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, to smaller ones like Hefei, Changsha and Harbin.

Our partners are located across whole China and this allowed us to establish logistics solutions, crafted to clients’ all needs and satisfaction. As an example we can refer to our partners in Shanghai, who are located near the biggest sea port in the World. Despite that they have geographical advantage, we were able to reduce transit time by using rail instead of deep sea which is three times longer.

The service created by Adampol – Euro China Train – became very broad concept. The route of train does not finish in dry port Malaszewicze. Cargo can go through sea routes to Scandinavia and UK due to current expansion of rail connections from Gdansk. Every day we develop new supply chain solutions. We do not close ourselves in the comfort zone of fixed products and extend scope of services for new unknown routes. On daily basis we add new areas to our offers.

New Silk Road

We thought that New Silk Road should not end on China, so we added  South Korea to One Belt One Road railway transportation. We believe that this might be very interesting project for our clients that would like to send their goods to UK and Scandinavia faster and safer than through sea. This intermodal connection will take from 24 to 26 days from Incheon to Gdansk.


Małaszewicze Terminal

Adampol Małaszewicze Terminal is located on duty free zone, what allows our clients to improve their cash-flow. The area of 46 hectares consists of: railway terminal, container depot and warehouse, which provides possibility to adapt individual clients’ needs. Access to the European and Asian railway lines provides our customers with a market advantage, allowing them to receive goods faster. Adampol Małaszewicze terminal is the only one with propensity to reload cars with usage of Asian and European rails. Our terminal is fully equipped for intermodal services, warehouse  allow our clients to provide distribution directly. On the custom free zone we also have own AEO certificated custom agency that can match even the biggest clients’ expectations.

At the difficult times of coronavirus pandemic, many markets noticed drastic slow down. Car factories and dealers were closed, as well shopping galleries, gastronomic facilities and even schools. But the cargo kept going with rail transportation, not extending transit time. We may have noticed some declines during April, yet now everything is coming back to normal. Adampol managed to help polish health care with delivery of millions of masks and other personal protection equipment.

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